“If you are not into Digital Health, you are not in Health”

                                                  Dr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, Founder- Digital Health Academy

Digitalization of healthcare is a reality, and no one in the healthcare industry can stay untouched.  Every hospital, pharmaceutical company, and medical devices company is looking for professionals formally trained in digital health, and there is an acute shortage of trained professionals. Digital Health is now an essential skill for working in 21st-century healthcare.

The gap between what is happening and what is being taught is huge, and technology does not wait for anyone. Those who use digital health will replace those who don’t, and hence, it is important to understand this domain of digital health and be prepared.

The hospitals have to move beyond beds, the pharmaceutical industry beyond the pills, and the doctors beyond the stethoscope, and hence lifelong upskilling should be your commitment. The courses offered by the Digital Health Academy will help you broaden your horizons and secure your organization’s future and your practice. This course will equip clinicians, paramedics, healthcare professionals, and healthcare managers the knowledge about deploying digital health tools.

Working Professionals do not have time to attend a college or a university to learn about digital health; hence, we created this online course with the world’s best practitioners of Digital Health. You can watch the video lectures, read the study material at your convenience,  and, in a year, learn enough to become a ‘Certified Digital Health Professional’.  The CDHPTM course is designed for Physicians, Allied Healthcare Professionals, and healthcare administration and life sciences professionals. This course will enhance the competence level with regard to the use of digital tools across the continuum of care.

Digital Health Academy has been established as a world-class institution for creating a digitally enabled future-ready workforce for the 21st century by equipping them with skills needed to handle emerging technologies to deliver healthcare. The courses offered by Digital Health Academy are taught by the world’s foremost leaders in the field, and so, the courses have the highest possible rating by the students enrolled in the course.