Our Story

We are at the cusp of a major technology revolution. One major challenge is the training of clinicians, paramedics and the support staff in digital health. These professionals are into full-time jobs with no possibility to pursue a course offline, and without having proper training, clinicians and support staff will find it hard to use digital tools.

We offer courses for physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, counsellors, technicians and healthcare workers. These courses (training) are aimed at enhancing the competence level with regard to the use of digital tools across the continuum of care.

Our survey with clinicians and paramedics shows us that there is a need for self-paced learning in digital health, and to fill this need gap, we are launching the Digital Academy: an online platform for self-paced learning on all aspects of digital health.

We believe that the industry is much ahead of academia, and that’s the gap we need to fill. So, at Digital Health Academy™, we have partnered with the leading tech companies to provide people with application-oriented learning with regard to the latest products & solutions and their deployment in day-to-day practice. The faculty of CDHP™ are the industry leaders and practitioners of digital health. So, our approach and methodology are not just imparting people with theoretical knowledge but the applications of these digital tools. This sets CDHP™ as a unique course across the world and probably the first of its kind. After doing this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of digital tools and how to deploy them in your day-to-day practice and gain a competitive advantage.