Post-Graduate Certificate Programme in Digital Health & Diploma Programme in Digital Health

Minimum time in which I can complete the program?

The Certified Digital Health Professional (CDHP) is a self-paced learning course and the average time taken to complete the course is one year.

Is the placement assistance available?

Will be providing placement assistance and sharing your profile on our website for companies interested in hiring Digital Health Professionals.

What does self-paced mean?

You can access the available course content and attend the assessment quiz as per your ease within the time frame as defined for each component.

Completion of the course has to be done within the time frame of 53 weeks.

If I am not able to complete on time will there be any extension?

Only under exceptional circumstances, to be deliberated case to case by IIM Raipur. The final decision of IIM Raipur shall be binding.

Can I cancel the admission in between? Will I get any refund?

Admission can be cancelled before the commencement of the course with deduction of INR 5000. Once the course begins, no refund will be provided.

What is the programme assessment criteria?

For a successful completion of the programme you will have to score:

  • Minimum 50% at each level- Basic, Advanced & Professional
  • Participation in Webinars (50% minimum attendance)
  • Dissertation (Rated Satisfactory)

What will be the criteria for the dissertation/ internship, will it be on-site or off-site?

The dissertation topic/ internship will be jointly decided by the supervisor and the learner.

What will be the template for dissertation/ internship?

During the orientation program, we will share the template with you for the Dissertation/ Internship.

How do I reach out for the feedback/queries?

You can write to us on email or drop your query on the discussion forum.

Who is eligible for this course?

Healthcare Professionals and clinicians with graduation degree or its equivalent with work experience of minimum two years in the relevant field as mentioned in the programme brochure.

If I finish early, do I get access to the next module?

The course structure is designed in such a format that the chapters are released week-wise, so even if you complete it early, you have to wait for a week for the next chapter/ module to open.

How do I advance to the next module?

After completing all the chapters in one module and performing satisfactorily in the assessment you can advance to the next module.

Can I choose which course level I want to enrol in?

No, participants can’t choose because the course is designed in such a manner to give a sense of the basic understanding of the theoretical, technical, management and application aspects. So you will have to take all these three levels to make the best use out of the Certified Digital Health Professional Course.

What will be my learnings in this course?

This course will help you understand digital health right from the basics to the technical aspects of using digital health and also the applications of digital tools in day to day practice and profession.

Why should I take this course?

This course will help you upskill your existing knowledge of digital health tools and technologies and also provide the updated and latest information on various DHTTs and how to use them in your daily practice.

How will the courses be delivered?

Reading material, video lectures from eminent speakers, MCQs at the end of each module, the content cannot be downloaded but will be available online 24*7 on our platform till you are enrolled in the program.

What is the cut-off to pass the assessment?

The cut-off to pass the assessment is 50%.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Go to login and click forgot password and a link to generate a new password will be sent to your registered email id.

How do I update my profile?

Go to my Dashboard, my profile, there is an option to update the information.

Will I be able to interact with the faculty?

You can interact with the faculty in the Q & A in the discussion forum and as and when there is a live discussion.

Can I leave the course in between?

Once you enrol for the course, the fee would not be refunded.

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate after successfully completing the course awarded by IIM Raipur & Academy of Digital Health Sciences.

Can I request a module or course on a specific topic?

We will continue taking feedback from our esteemed learners and based on the feedback we will internally take a call on the new topic/specific modules.

How will this program help me in my career?

This program will help people understand the various aspects of Digital Health and its applications in clinical settings, and it is certainly going to be a value addition when deploying digital solutions or applying to companies offering digital health products or services. This course will fill you with the knowledge you need with regards to various aspects of digital health and also, help you in being better prepared in deploying digital health solutions in your practice or your organization with more confidence through knowledge gained.

In case of any queries regarding the conduction of the course whom should I contact?

The modules have an inbuilt mechanism to capture the feedback and interact with the admin in case of any queries.

Who all can take this course?

This program is intended for practicing clinicians, people working in healthcare settings, involved in the delivery of care, who wish to adopt Digital Health in their daily practice or implement Digital Health solutions in/or through their organization.

· Doctors

· Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists

· Health Counsellors

· Healthcare IT Professionals

· Public Sector Leaders, Community Health Center Heads, Primary Care Center Heads

· Technicians in Healthcare Settings

· Clinical Informatics professionals

· Hospital Administration professionals

· Medicos and healthcare students

Who will be delivering these Programs?

The courses will be delivered by experts in the Digital Health domain, who have developed and deployed digital health solutions.

What will be the mode of delivering the program?

The program will be delivered online. It’s a combination of study material and lectures and it’s a self-paced learning program.

Can I download the lecture, study material?

The additional study material like articles, research papers etc. can be downloaded, but the video lectures and PowerPoint presentations will be available only  for viewing on the platform.

Will I get an opportunity to ask questions, doubts with the faculty?

You can seek answers to the queries from experts in live webinars, via e-mails or discussion forums.

How much time I need to dedicate per week?

You would need to dedicate 5-6 hours per week.

How do I access journals/ study materials?

The relevant study material for each topic will be open during that week.

Will I retain my login credentials after the course is completed?

On successful completion of the course, the access will be withdrawn.

In which languages is the course/programme available?

The course is available in English language.

How do I take the quiz and what will be the time limit?

The quiz will be conducted online. Format for each quiz shall be communicated as per the schedule.

If my employer wants to sponsor the Post Graduate Certificate programme in Digital Health, what is the procedure?

The employer can submit nominations for the course directly at digitalhealth@iimraipur.ac.in

Who are the Digital Health Professionals?

Those who are formally trained in Digital Health services and this course offers the opportunity to become a Certified Digital Health Professional.

Can I visit IIM Raipur campus?

You are encouraged to visit the IIM Raipur campus during the contact program.

Will I get an alumni status from IIM Raipur?

Yes, after successful completion of the programme you will get an executive alumni status from IIM Raipur.

After doing this Post Graduate Certificate - CDHP course, can I pursue PhD?

It is a certificate programme and the eligibility criteria for PhD varies from university to university.

How do I check the faculty profile?

Yes. Please visit the faculty page at this website.

Will I get e-certificate after the course or a hard copy?

Yes, you will get an e-certificate as well as the hard copy of the Certificate.

On the medical grounds if I may not be able to complete the course will I get any extension?

Only under exceptional circumstances to be deliberated case to case by IIM Raipur. The final decision of IIM Raipur shall be binding.

Will the CDHP course recognized outside India?

The course is endorsed by the ISfTeH (Switzerland) and ECHAlliance.

Can I pursue this along with my regular course or profession?

Yes, you can pursue this program along with your regular course or profession.

Is there any EMI option available?

Yes, there is an EMI available for students from India.

Any additional benefits of taking the program?

Besides being a Certified Digital Health Professional, which will give you an edge in the industry and amongst your peers. Also, you will get access to many offerings from the Digital Health Ecosystem at our organization and through our network/partnerships aimed at scaling up the adoption of Digital Health across the globe. You will also join the global alumni of health professionals and become a part of the impact-full Digital Health Professionals network across the globe.